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feed icon Feedly for Safari Update – 14.0.468 in link Feedly Blog (2013/3/23 6:34:59)
About 25% of the people who have been trying feedly over the last week have been Safari users. So we decided to do a sprint and improve the speed and experience. You can install the latest version of feedly for Safari from: Feedly for Safari Please leave a comment if you have trouble installing the extension or run into issues. Note: Firefox is next.
feed icon Better Title View in link Feedly Blog (2013/3/21 10:15:56)
We just pushed out version 14.0.469 of feedly for Chrome . The key feature of this update is a better title view: more compact, better shorting and easier to scan. Here is what it looks like: We would like to thank Christopher Seeds  for his suggestions and mock-ups. If you are a Firefox or Safari user, we hope to have these updates and more available for you at the end of next weeks. As promised, we are going to continue to iterate fast so if you have suggestions, please post them to your use ...
feed icon Spike problem resolved. in link Feedly Blog (2013/3/19 20:59:50)
Sorry for the performance issue we ran into this morning. The problem has been resolved. We are monitoring the servers and increasing capacity to be ahead of the next spike. Welcome to all of the feedly+Android users! We have a good news for you: new feedly 14 beta later this week.
feed icon Priorities: Keeping the site up, listening and adding new features. in link Feedly Blog (2013/3/15 20:26:53)
More than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined the feedly community over the last 48 hours. We love passionate readers. Welcome on board. Our main priorities over the next 30 days are 1) to keep the service up , 2) listen to new users for suggestions and 3) add features weekly. To keep the service up, we 10x our bandwidth and added new servers. For new features, we are listening actively to our new uservoice forum and will be pushing out new releases on a weekly basis. Be vocal: we love cand ...
feed icon Tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly in link Feedly Blog (2013/3/15 7:22:39)
October 2017 update: We have come a long way since March 2013. Personalization has emerged as one of the defining traits that our community loves about Feedly. So we have published a new tutorial to showcase our recommendations for personalizing your Feedly experience . Some of the terminology and screenshots below have changed since this post was published. Thank you for reading! — Welcome to all the new Google Reader users migrating to Feedly. Below you’ll find some tips on how ...
feed icon Transitioning from Google Reader to feedly in link Feedly Blog (2013/3/14 23:53:09)
Google announced today that they will be shutting down Google Reader. This is something we have been expecting for some time: We have been working on a project called Normandy which is a feedly clone of the Google Reader API – running on Google App Engine. When Google Reader shuts down, feedly will seamlessly transition to the Normandy back end. So if you are a Google Reader user and using feedly, you are covered: the transition will be seamless. If you are a Google Reader, give feedly a ...
feed icon All Boats Leak in link Feedly Blog (2013/3/3 17:02:32)
There’s always a defect, always a slow drip, somewhere. Every plan, every organization, every venture has a glitch. The question isn’t, “is this perfect?” The question is, “will this get me there?” Sometimes we make the mistake of ignoring the big leaks, the ones that threaten our journey. More often, though, we’re so busy fixing tiny leaks that we get distracted from the real goal, which is to go somewhere. -Seth Godin Finding the right balance is real ...
feed icon [Completed] Scheduled Downtime in link Feedly Blog (2013/2/23 20:01:25)
Hello feedlies! A quick heads up: We need to take the service offline tomorrow, Saturday Feb 23rd between 6:00pm PST and 10:00pm PST to make some changes to our database – to improve the performance going forward. If you need urgent access to your feedly during that time, you can use the Google Reader interface . Sorry for the inconvenience. Live Updates [18:44 PST] The scheduled maintenance started. We should be back online within 2 hours. Thank you for your patience. We will update this ...
feed icon Better Sharing Personalization? in link Feedly Blog (2013/2/23 6:30:13)
We are working on making the sharing options more comprehensive and more personalizable in feedly iOS and Android v 14. Besides Evernote and Pinterest, are there other sharing options which are important to you?
feed icon Feedly for Chrome 14.0.466 is out in link Feedly Blog (2013/2/20 6:10:51)
We just pushed out a new version of feedly for chrome. It impacts both the feedly and the feedly plus flavors. Here is a quick overview of the change log: Change #1: We fixed a series of session related bugs. As a result, you should start seeing fewer offline messages. Change #2: We renamed Today. The new name is Highlights . This is to re-enforce that that section is a subset of the articles published on your feedly. The content has not changed yet, but it will. Arthur is doing some usability ...
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